Customer Love

"Very cool gear.  I love the effects.  Easy to use and hip sounds!  The skinny is super compact and beautifully constructed.  All the products are beautifully made. " 


- John David, Artist in Residence & Director of Jazz and Percussion Studies at Berry College

"Elemental Percussion products are thoughtfully designed with an eye for detail and ingenuity. The bundle stick implements are brilliant and offer an exceptionally wide range of timbres thanks to a wide variety of dowel sizes, center dowels with additional mass and diameter, metal end caps that allow for strong backbeats and cymbals effects, and no-slip sleeves. The cymbal effects are also exceptionally well made and offer the drummer/percussionist easy access to a myriad of cymbal sounds thanks to the ability to adjust the length of materials touching the cymbal. This also means that a single cymbal effect can be employed on cymbals of varying diameters with ease. Additionally, the bundle sticks and cymbal effects have opened up creative approaches for me in the studio - allowing me to "dig in” without sacrificing dynamic sensitivity."

- Dr. Steven Walker, Freelance Artist and Director of Percussion at the University of North Georgia

"The practice pad is beautiful. Killer work with the inlays and wood/finish choice. It slips into my backpack and takes up very little room. Not only that, but it is the truth. There’s just enough rebound to keep the stick in motion but not so much that it would take away from what it feels like to play on a concert snare/drumset snare. I also love the mini quad setup on the reverse side. Makes for a great travel pad for tenor players. 

The mag sizzle is amazing. I love that you can adjust how much sizzle you can get by putting some of the beads on the magnet.  The adjustable jingle sizzle is also pretty awesome.  I love the fact that there are many ways to adjust where it falls on the cymbals too.  Coupled with the mag sizzle they make for a great combo effect."

- Nich Gannon, Freelance Artist in Atlanta, Ga

"Fantastic attention to detail on these pads. I'm able to toss my skinny pad into my work or weekend bag and keep up my chops in my free time. Great communication and fast shipping too!"


- Kevin Keegan, Amateur Drumming Enthusiast/Freelance Film Director