Our shaker can be filled with anything you can think of.  Sensitive front and back plates have incredible response to finger pressure allowing for a truly expressive performance. It is milled from solid curly maple and oil finished by hand.  The strong neodynium magnets will keep the two halves together during playing.  Create dramatic or subtle changes by changing the the type or amount of fill material. It comes with 3mm steel balls,  5mm copper balls, and 6mm plastic balls in individual storage canisters.  

Multi-Fill Shaker - Curly Maple

    • Great sounding 3" x 2" versatile maple shaker
    • 3 different fills included (3mm steel, 5mm copper, 6mm plastic)
    • Strong magnets keep it all together and allow easy changing of fill material for a truly versatile shaker
    • Sensitive front and back plates make this an extremely expressive instrument
    • Hand oiled durable semi-gloss finish